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i_variety's Journal

Icon Variety Contest
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated

[ M O T I V E ]

So you can make an icon. It just happens to be in the same genre all the time. Whether it be games, a movie, anime, or a celebrity... We have to admit that as iconists, we tend to have our favorite icon subject.

But how can you improve overally?

Sure, you can make one heck of an icon featuring Britney Spears ALL THE TIME, but what about an icon featuring a simple flower?

I_variety is a place where iconists like you can improve skills through a weekly challenge. Every week, a picture/base/lyrics/theme or whatever will be given from ANY and ALL types of subjects. It is then up to you to challenge yourself by making an icon using the topic that is given to you.

You are, of course, not obligated to do any of this. This is just a challenge community where you make the icon to better yourself. But it'll be good to take advantage of this and make an icon even if the topic at hand is not your favorite. Challenge yourselves!


[ R U L E S ]

1. Each member may submit only one icon per theme.
2. All icons must be related to the topic.
3. Do not advertise which icon is yours anywhere. Do not get all your friends to vote for you. This is cheating.
4. All icons must be uploaded and hosted on a site that allows direct linking, so that people can actually see your icon to vote.
5. Icons may not be any bigger than 100x100 and no larger than 40k.
6. No icons will be accepted after the deadline. [Friday midnight, Eastern Time]
7. All the anonymous comments (for submitting) will be screened so that the icons will remain "secret" until the voting time.
8. Make a new icon.
9. Do not steal other people's icons.
10. Don't vote for yourself.
11. HAVE FUN!!!

[ S U B M I T ]

Times: Monday ~ Midnight on Friday (Eastern time)

• Submit all icons to the post that says "Submit icons here." Comments will be screened so that the icon makers will remain a secret until the winners are decided.
• Themes are announced when the winners are announced.
• Make your submission posts look like the following:

URL of Icon
[your lj username]

[ V O T I N G ]

Times: Saturday ~ Sunday 5:00 (eastern time)

• Categories are:
- The Royal Flush: King, Queen, and Jack... The 3 best overall icon that incorporated the theme very well and did a great job
- Four-leaf Clover: The most creative and unique icon for that week. Something that you just don't see often.
- Wheel of Fortune: The mod's choice icon in the week's challenge. The reason is listed with the icon.

• Members of the community will comment on the "voting" post. Voting for their top three favorite icons and the most creative icon.

First choice: (3pts)
Second choice: (2pts)
Third choice: (1pt)
Most creative:

• Do not vote more than once. I will know if you do this and your votes will not count in the future.
• The winners will be posted after 5:00pm on Sunday. They will receive banners. The new theme will be announced at this time.

[ W I N N E R S ]
Challenge 1 // 2 Base images
Challenge 2 // Base image
Challenge 3 // Lyric phrase
Challenge 4 // Hyori image
Challenge 5 // Angel Sanctuary image
Challenge 6 // Blumchen
Challenge 7 // Shemue
Challenge 8 // Lipstick & Mirror
Challenge 9 // Sarah Michelle Gellar
Challenge 10 // Alichino
Challenge 11 // Photoshop Screencap
Challenge 12 // Britney Spears
Challenge 13 // Fate Lyrics
Challenge 14 // Calculator

[ C R I T I Q U E ]

Members may post once a month to get constructive critique on their icons by their fellow members. Post your most recent icons. This is a great way to get tips and helpful suggestions!

When giving critique:
- try to be thorough and helpful
- NO BASHING!! Offenders will be BANNED!
- give suggestions

[ C O N C L U S I O N ]


The three point voting system is creditted to ff_awards.

If any questions arise, contact tiringil through an email or by commenting on this post.